Shilpa Shetty said that I am free from stress because of this yoga; balance is maintained in my personal and professional life.

Yoga Ascension for Stress and Anxiety: Maintaining balance in personal and professional life is significant, but it is impossible to do it despite millions of efforts. Taking care of the home with work from home in lockdown is really no less challenging for working women. The pressure of office work is such that the boss takes classes even if the work is for a short time, and the mother-in-law does not taunt anyone if there is a delay in preparing food at home. There is bound to be tension and anxiety in this situation. In such a situation, the question is how to keep the mind calm in a situation? So the direct answer is to practice yoga. Yes, regular yoga promotes good physical and mental health. Actress Shilpa Shetty recently shared on her Instagram account about a yoga posture that relieves stress and anxiety. The name of this yoga posture is Parso Sakhasan. Let’s find out how beneficial it is in reducing stress and how to do it, and its benefits. 

Shilpa Shetty Yoga

What kind of yoga does Shilpa Shetty do?

Shilpa Shetty writes in her post – ‘Sometimes, someone wants to start their week in a very relaxed and easy way. Today is the day for me when I want to calm my mind and keep myself completely calm. That is why today I am practicing Prasava Sakhasana. This Relieve stress and anxiety Increase the tax evasion system. There are many more health benefits to teaching Parso. It stretches the neck, shoulders, and back and keeps them straight. Whenever you have time, do this yoga asana. It is yoga that calms your mind and calms you down.  

How to do

This yoga asana is very easy to do, but the benefits are many. To do this, first sit on a yoga mat and cross both legs. Now take both hands in salutation and stay in this position for a while. Now move your hands upwards and spread your body a little. Stay in this position for a while now. Now bend your left hand, place it on the ground, and then extend your right hand upwards and bend to the left. Hold this currency for a few seconds. Now do the same on the other side. You can do this 5 to 5 times. You can watch Shilpa Shetty’s video on how to do yoga properly. Another Bollywood actress too does

Other benefits of lateral teaching

The stress is low
Anxiety is under control
Better sleep
Body aches are normal
Blood pressure is normal
Man becomes emotionally strong
Increases both concentration and focus
Helps to quit addiction
Memory is strong
The risk of heart disease is greatly reduced
Good metabolism